Our realistic flickering flame sets us apart. Our patent-pending technology creates a flame that flickers and illuminates like a traditional candle. The entire flame moves in multiple directions for a truly realistic, dancing flicker.

INDOOR pillars are crafted in pure premium paraffin wax, pairing the natural warmth and glow that you love with leading-edge LED technology. Flameless, smokeless and quiet, in colors and sizes that let you be creative year round.

OUTDOOR pillars and votives are crafted in weather-resistant resin. They have an excellent water tolerance rating, so you can keep them outside even during inclement weather.

Because you have a busy life, you can turn on any LuxuryLite pillar and set the built-in timer. The pillar will shut off 5 hours later, then will automatically turn on and shut off following the same sequence every day.

LuxuryLite pillars and votives can be turned on and off with a single remote control. Perfect for groupings in hard-to-reach areas! Sold separately.